Sunday, 13 March 2011


     Starlings have been gathering on this electricity pylon near my house recently.  They gather early, around  six in the morning, stay five or ten minutes, and then they are gone.  I've tried several times to capture them perched on the cables, but when they see me approaching they do a quick swirl or two around the pylon and disappear into the distance, so this is todays picture, Starlings swirling.


  1. Years ago the whole of Bradford city centre used to be filled with massed flocks of starlings at dusk, as they came in to roost. It was a real spectacle. The netting and spikes on all the public buildings have stopped them.

  2. I saw them yesterday just before 4 p.m. around City Hall and then on the stroke of 4 they settled in a tree in one movement between City Hall and the Law Courts !