Friday, 4 March 2011

Robert Peel Statue - Peel Park, Bradford

     Robert Peel (1788-1850) is regarded as the father of the modern police force.  He served twice as prime minister and in 1829 established a London police force of a thousand constables which were nicknamed "Bobbies" or "Peelers".  Other cities across the UK were later obliged to form their own police forces.
     Interestingly, whilst looking up a few facts on the Internet to go with this picture I came across this 'Peel came to office during an economic recession which had seen a slump in world trade and a budget deficit of £2.5 million run up by the Whigs.  Confidence in banks and businesses was low and a trade deficit existed'.  Now, does that sound familiar to anyone?

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  1. Interesting history and how the force's nicknames came about. The term coppers came from the copper the police badges were made of, for example.

    Have a great weekend!