Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pontefract Liquorice Festival 2012

I spent Sunday afternoon in the town of Pontefract, famous for its association with the liquorice plant and its annual Liquorice Festival.  It is thought that a member of the land owning De Lacy family may have brought back a liquorice plant from the crusades.  The family were the builders of nearby Pontefract Castle and owned land across the north of England, including Bradford, so you could say there is a somewhat tenuous link between Bradford and Pontefract.  The picture shows one of the street entertainers at the festival.


  1. I tried playing the trombone once and ended up pulling a very similar face - though without recognisably musical results.

  2. Brilliant to learn they are keeping the tradition alive - there used to be over two dozen confectioners in the town but by the 1970s it was down to two - by then the liquorice was imported from China. It's over 40 years ago that I worked at Dunhills - where did time go?