Sunday, 8 July 2012

Damon, Audrey and Rashid

Meet Damon, Audrey and Rashid, helping out at the Wrose Carnival yesterday.  Damon is a sheet metal worker, Audrey is a pub licensee in the city centre and Rashid is a former professional rugby player.  All three are Bradford born and bred and all three have appeared in the (controversial) Channel 4 documentary series 'Make Bradford British'.  I must confess that I hadn't seen the programmes on TV and only recognised Rashid from a picture in the local paper.  The start of the carnival was delayed a little (Thomas The Tank Engine was running behind schedule) and I ended up chatting to Rashid.  I can tell you that he is a great bloke, genial, deeply religious, down to earth and a great communicator.  The programmes are available to watch on the Channel 4 website, so you can take a look yourself.

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