Saturday, 7 July 2012

Major Jack Union

This is Major Jack Union, Major in the Royal Order of Dragons, chrononaught, monster hunter and veteran of the Mars wars, and also author of a new book 'How To Bag A Jabberwock:  A Practical Guide To Monster Hunting'.  The Major was in Bradford today to read passages from his new book, accompanied by a group of Steampunk enthusiasts in full regalia, quite a spectacle. 
I didn't actually know there was a book signing taking place until I spotted a Steampunk enthusiast heading in the general direction of Waterstones book shop, sandwich in his hand, and thought I would go and investigate.  The event was over when I arrived but the Major kindly allowed me to take this picture, he also mentioned Bradford in a brief conversation afterwards, its Victorian industrial heritage and the fact there seemed to be quite a lot happening in the city.
Incidentally, the Major has a Facebook page and lists his hobbies as hunting, drawing, photography, writing in his memoirs, and the ladies! 


  1. What a nice portrait, model and place.
    Love Waterstones..... spend quite some time (and money) in some of their shops when I am in the UK.

  2. PS. He looks a bit like ARI BEHN, who is married to the Norwegian Princess.:)

  3. It was a fantastic day, couldn't recommend it enough.