Monday, 30 January 2012

John Smyth Memorial Tablet - Bradford Cathedral

The upper part of this tablet on the wall of Bradford Catherdral is a memorial to John Smyth who died in 1686, his wife, and their ten children. All the names of the children are recorded on the tablet but Thomas gets a special mention 'a merchant at Dantzic and buried there'. I don't know why he gets a special mention, maybe it's because he was the favourite son, or possibly because he died abroad, as I say, I don't know. Another thing that puzzled me a little was that the family came from Miryshaw, not a place name that I was familiar with. I did a little digging around on the Internet and found a mention of Miryshaw as a farm just above the Barkerend area of Bradford, it's now covered in Victorian terraced houses but was probably open farmland back then.

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  1. Different spellings at different times... Mira Shay the most comment to me.