Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ekco Radio - Saltaire

I spotted this old radio in a second hand shop window in Saltaire the other day. Ekco, the manufacturer of the radio, also made television sets, television sets with big chunky clunky dials, and an especiallly chunky clunky dial for changing channels. So what? Well, when I was a boy I was intersted in space, it was the space race, Apollo missions to the moon and all that, and it was also the time I made my first Airfix kit, a rather tall Saturn V rocket complete with detachable Command Module and tiny Lunar Module with opening landing gear. After painstakingly assembling and painting the model I placed it on top of the television set, the Ecko television set with the chunky clunky dials sat on top of the wibbly wobbly television stand. You can guess what happened the first time someone changed channels, it wasn't all bad news though, I still had some glue left.

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