Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bradford Pride 2012

There was a bit of a party atmosphere in Centenary Square today as Bradford hosted its annual Pride celebrations.  The event drew quite a large crowd, families as well as members of the gay and lesbian communities.  The sunny weather seemed to put everybody in a good mood, the spectators are singing along at this point and I probably spent a little longer at the side of the stage than I intended to, I was temporarily deaf for a short while afterwards.


  1. Wow great shot, love the detail and colors!

  2. Thanks for the great report, and I just need to say that "families as well as members of the lesbian and gay communities" needs to be corrected! All LGBT people are from "families" and many thousands of LGBT people have "families" so perhaps you meant to say "heterosexual as well as lesbian and gay...?" LGBT people are part of every single aspect of society.... Cheers.