Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Sandwich And A Cup Of Tea

Yesterday was the first time out on the bike this year, just a short ride along the Leeds-Liverpool canal, a sandwich and a cup of tea and then back home again.  The stretch of canal in the picture is just beyond Apperley Bridge in the Leeds direction, and the bike, well that's my 'canal' bike, mudguards, prop stand and a big old fashioned canvas saddlebag.  And what do I need a big old fashioned saddlebag for?  For my big old fashioned flask of tea and sandwiches of course.


  1. Nice scene. How come it took nearly five months before that first bike ride of the year?

  2. Looks like you finally had a non-rainy day. This is a lovely picture. Wish I could be there.

  3. Steffe - A combination of bad weather, work patterns and apathy. I met a group cyclists on Tuesday, all of them retired, and they were on a long distance cycle ride 'The Way Of The Roses' 170 miles from West to East coast of England, they stopped to ask me directions, it would have made a great picture but I didn't have my camera! That's what spurred me on to get the bike out.