Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hand Made In Bradford

Bradford has a new exhibition space in the town centre created by arts group Fabric. The former record store has a ground floor displaying gift items hand made by local artists, upstairs there is a large gallery area and a picnic parlour. The picnic area is aimed mainly at over 50's who can drop in for a chat with friends and bring their own sandwiches if they wish.

The picture shows local photographer Tim Smith ( setting up a publicity shot outside of the new 'Hand Made In Bradford' premises. In the picture are director of Fabric Gideon Seymour, Ann Rutherford, councillor David Greene and another member of Fabric (unfortunately I can't remember his name). My thanks to Tim Smith for allowing me to take photographs.


  1. I hope it gets a lot of support! We're seeing this sort of thing spring up here, too--community support of local artisans and small businesses. I think it's a backlash against the recession and I hope it works.

  2. Wonderful! Great shot, too...