Sunday, 1 April 2012

BRAiD March

A group of around thirty protesters marched from Buck Lane to Shipley Town Hall yesterday morning to hand in a letter highlighting concerns about an area of land adjoining Buck Lane. The agricultural land is the proposed site of a multi-million pound business park, but the chairman of BRAiD (Baildon Residents against Inappropriate Development) Dr Steven Walker firmly believes that the land should remain as a green space for the benefit of the local community and the development should be located on one of the numerous brown field sites in the area.

I have to admit that I have a personal interest, the land is not far from where I live and I regularly walk the footpath alongside the river, more often than not spotting some of the wildlife in the area, deer, kingfisher, dragonfly, or on the occasion of Saturday morning a heron standing in the river. I would hate to see this riverside green space covered in concrete.


  1. I hope the BRAiD campaign wins. The last thing we need in the world is more buildings, and the last thing any area needs to attract interest is more concrete.

  2. They should fill up all the empty spaces and buildings before building more on greenfield sites.