Sunday, 5 February 2012


The town of Keighley lies in the Aire valley, roughly nine miles northwest of Bradford and in some ways mirrors Bradford in that it was built largely on the wealth of the textile industry, an industry which has now sadly all but disappeared. The town also has a large Muslim community, arriving mainly from Bangladesh and the Mirpur region of Pakistan in the 1960's and working in the textile industry, a very similar story to that of Bradford.
I went along to the Markazi Jamia Mosque today for a parade, a celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, which took place in the streets of Keighley. The picture above shows a typical side street and the mosque in the distance.
(There are some pictures of the parade on my Flickr stream).

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  1. Shots like this I love in black and white. Have a timeless appeal and unless you know the area could be any era.