Thursday, 2 February 2012

City Hall Reflection

A reflection in the new mirror pool of City Hall, the building was opened in 1873 and designed by local architects Lockwood and Mawson. Mounted high up on City Hall , somewhere, there is a web cam which looks down onto the mirror pool, I think it records one picture a day or posts one picture a day to the Internet. If the pictures were run together you would have a speeded up version of the construction of the pool. Just imagine though, if a web cam had been installed in 1873 (yes, I know they weren't invented then), wouldn't it be fascinating, numerous mill chimneys on the skyline, smoke blackened buildings, trams, trolley buses, buildings being built, buildings being demolished, and there might even be an odd frame with me on it, trudging to school with my leather bag full of homework that I hadn't done (that's in the 1970's not the 1870's).

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