Monday, 27 February 2012

Cider Drinkers Bench

Most towns and cities have an area where alcoholics gather to drink away the day. Bradford has a few of these places including this park bench, no drinkers on this occasion but the evidence is there. Out of curiosity I tried to find out the price of a large three litre bottle of cider, £2.66 for a supermarket own brand 3 litre bottle, and I paid £1.40 for a cup of tea in a plastic cup the other day. So will I be changing from tea to cider? Well the answer is no as I had my first experience of drinking alcohol as a teenager with a large bottle of cider from a corner shop. They would sell you cider back then, but not beer or spirits. I was so ill the next day that I never touched the stuff again (cider, that is). I can't even stand the smell of it to this day. The government is trying to raise the price of cheap beer and cider, I don't know whether the policy will work, heavy drinkers will probaboly just move to illegal sources of alcohol, I don' really know if there is an answer to the problem.

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