Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mirror Pool Testing

This is Bradford's very expensive mirror pool which is still under construction. The project has gone way past its completion date and has also, I believe, gone over budget. The pool features more than a hundred fountains, has some kind of high-tec lighting system and can be drained and used as a public space for concerts and other events. The pool is expected to be officially opened in January although some further work may be needed to fully complete the project. What do the people of Bradford think of the pool? Well, when I take pictures of the pool someone will invariably stop and ask me what I am doing, which gives me a chance to ask them what they think of the new water feature. Generally, according to my un-scientific survey, the people of Bradford are underwhelmed by the whole thing. Personally, I think it should be pretty impressive when it is finally completed and good for the city as a whole. The picture shows the fountains being tested by the contractor. One thing does puzzle me though, the artist's impression of the completed project shows a 'Y' shaped walkway across the pool, but I can't see any evidence of it in the picture I have taken.

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  1. Goodness, an ambitious project indeed in these drought-ridden times! Can't help but admire the vision behind it though, hope it is a success.