Saturday, 16 April 2011

Saltaire - World Heritage Weekend

     The village of Saltaire is celebrating world heritage day with special events in and around the village this weekend.  This demonstration of stone carving was held in Roberts Park by members of the West Riding Stonecarving Association.  I found it quite interesting to watch these craftsmen at work, the different types of stone apparently have their own distinctive qualities which make some types of stone harder to work with than others. It's also apparently a very therapeutic hobby, must give it a try sometime!


  1. I too found it interesting and spent a little time finding out more about stone carving, this being something not seen every day.

  2. I might have seen you there! I have a pic of this chap too, and intend to post it sometime soon. It was a good day out in the sunshine, wasn't it?

  3. Jenny - Yes, it was a lovely day, only spent an hour or two there in the morning, had some jobs to do at home, otherwise wuold have stayed all day.