Monday, 4 April 2011

Bandstand - Lister Park

     This is the first time I have managed to capture this scene with the daffodils out, I usually turn up at the park to find that they are already past their best or have been flattened by an overnight storm.  The restored bandstand is still used for concerts, there are a number planned for this summer, but no published details yet.
     If you look to the left of the picture you can see a stone balustrade at the top of the banking, I think this is all that remains of a temporary building and terrace that was part of a great exhibition held in the park in 1904.  The exhibition was opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales and attracted almost two and a half million visitors over the six months that it ran.  One of the attractions was a complete Somali village with around a hundred Somali villagers including their chief.  The Somalis were not keen on theYorkshire climate and spent much of their time huddled around oil stoves.  One of their party died during the visit and is buried in a Bradford Cemetery.


  1. Such beautiful spring flowers - a few more weeks until they arrive here too...