Thursday, 7 April 2011

Manningham Lane

     This is Manningham Lane, one of the main routes into the city. The building in the centre is the old Yorkshire Penny Bank, to the right and just out of shot is one of those dreadful shed type retail parks, and on the left is the fairly modern and rather handsome Sovereign Healthcare Building.


  1. You manage to make even the most unpromising bits of Bradford look rather attractive - so glad you're doing this blog.

  2. Thanks for all the photos of Bradford - it certaintly is changing. I haven't been back since 2007 and probably will never go back.
    I remember I used to take 6d a week to school to put in my bank book and when you had saved 1 pound it got transfered to a "big bank book" (The Yorkshire Penny Bank)
    The daffodils look beautiful - is this where Busby's used to be ?

  3. Dorothy - Yes it's where Busby's once stood, I think the Sovereign building is where the Royal Standard theatre once stood, I seem to remember there being a bar at the side of the theatre called the Royal Standard, they weren't too fussy who they served, I was under-age at the time!

  4. Then as now the city planners probably told the people what a great thing they were doing, out with the old and in with the new. Also I have to agree with Jennyfreckles.