Sunday, 2 January 2011

Canadian Air Force Memorial - Oakworth

     This is the Lord Mayor of Bradford Cllr. Peter Hill laying a wreath at the Tewitt Lane Canadian Air Force War Memorial.
     The Memorial lies about nine or ten miles to the West of Bradford on an isolated green lane.  A service is held here each year to honour the memory of the six Canadian Airmen who lost their lives when their Wellington bomber crashed into the hillside on January 2 1944.
     These are fairly solemn occasions, but I had to smile when one elderly gentleman told me that he remembers as a boy the local police visiting every school in the area.  It was the week following the crash and the police wanted to recover the numerous small items of wreckage that had mysteriously transported themselves from the crash site into the pockets of local schoolboys.

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  1. Well, I never knew that. I can see I'm going to get an education reading your blog.