Saturday, 4 August 2012

Lister Park Bandstand - Caribbean Samples

I had to do a bit of running backwards and forwards last Sunday, Caribbean Samples were playing a blend of soul and reggae in the bandstand at Lister Park, and the Games In The Park event was in full swing at the same time.  The band play at pubs and clubs in and around Bradford and also play at weddings.  I've also had a quick look at their website and they supply reggae samples and loops (don't quite know exactly what that means), I did have a tape recorder with seven inch reels at one time, but I think things have moved on a bit since then!


  1. It looks like you were onstage too, Martin!

    1. Petrea - Yes, I was! I just asked the band and they said "yeah man, come on up!"

  2. That's great. It gives the photo a rarely-seen point of view, and added interest, because I feel like I'm onstage with you.