Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bradford Classic Car Show 2012

I initially thought that this magnificent Jaguar car was an original model, but it is actually a replica, built by the owner, sat in the driver's seat there.  He apparently did own an original model back in 1959 but did not keep it all that long as it was a single seater and was not really all that practical to drive around in.  He did stumble across that original car 40 years later, purely by chance, and it was then valued at 1.5 million pounds, he had sold it for around 380 pounds all those years earlier, quite a substantial sum in those days, enough to buy a house.  If  I've got my facts right, this replica took him ten years to build and he does use it quite a lot, having covered over 10,000 miles since the car was put on the road.  I did have a look under the bonnet at that lovely 6 cylinder Jaguar engine, there was also a spare set of spark plugs mounted on a little rack in the engine bay, what were they for?  " Racing plugs - these cars were never meant to be driven slowly!"

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  1. Oh my. At first glance, I thought it was the old school Batman automobile. Haha. This majestic Jaguar car would be very pricey if they'd sell it in an auction. Just look at the color and the texture. The smile of Grandpa would be a bonus! :P