Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bradford's Last Trolleybus

This trolleybus was on display at the Bradford Industrial Museum earlier today, as you can see from the lettering it was the very last trolleybus to run on Bradford's roads when the service closed in 1972. If anyone reading this doesn't know what one of these vehicles is, well it's an electrically powered bus that draws its electricity from overhead wires using trolley poles. This particular bus is a bit posher than the ones I remember, it has a closing entrance door just behind the drivers partition. The ones I travelled on had an open platform at the rear, very useful if the bus was just pulling away, you could run and jump on, also very useful for showing people how clever you were by jumping off the bus as it was coming to a halt, my wife was a past master at this skill and now has a crown on one of her front teeth.

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