Friday, 4 February 2011

Joseph Priestley Memorial

     This is a detail from the carved memorial tablet of Joseph Priestley, the chief engineer of the Leeds/Liverpool Canal Company.
     Work on the canal began after an act of parliament was passed in 1770, but the project was not fully completed until forty years later. The canal carried coal and textiles across the Pennines and through Lancashire to the port of Liverpool.  Bradford had its own link to this canal.                   
     The memorial can be found on the wall of Bradford Cathedral.  I don't think you need me to tell  you which one of the three figures is Mr. Priestley!

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  1. Well, that is nice.... and I guess I cold figure out where Mr.Priestley was standing.... ( or is it is standing ? Too late for me to think in English.)
    Starting work at 07 tomorrow morning, so I will say GOD NATT from a very windy city tonight.
    Gunn /