Saturday, 19 February 2011

Delius Sculpture - Bradford

     This sculpture is located behind the Victoria Hotel in Exchange Square, Bradford.  The work is named 'Quatrefoil for Delius' and is by sculptor Amber Hiscott. 
     The composer Frederick Delius was born and brought up in Bradford, he was christened at St.Peters Church (now the cathedral), educated at Bradford Grammar School, and spent the summer holidays in Ilkley where the family had a second home. The family kept two ponies at Ilkley and the young composer apparently enjoyed pony rides across the moors.
     I'm not familiar with all the music that Delius wrote, but I do like 'North Country Sketches' particularly 'Autumn' and wonder if the sculptor also had this in mind when creating this work.
     It seems Delius wasn't too keen on Bradford as he spent most of his adult life abroad.


  1. That's a very, very cool sculpture! I just wish we had more fun sculptures like that one in MY city!

  2. That is very beautiful! I want one, too!!!