Saturday, 18 January 2014

Fifty Years of Doctor Who Fans

The National Media Museum in Bradford is currently running an exhibition celebrating fifty years of Doctor Who fans (running till 14th Feb 2014).  I was a fan myself back in the distant past but never collected memorabilia, many people did though, and this exhibition is a collection of souvenirs loaned to the museum by members of the public.  The Cyberman outfit brought back memories for me, memories from the 1960's and an army of Cybermen invaders emerging from the London Underground, not really all that scary by todays standards but scary enough back then.  Looking back at the pictures though, late at night, my mind did begin to wander a little.  Could that suit contain a real Cyberman and could there be a plot to take over the world using the Media Museum as the Cyberman headquarters.......and where is the Doctor when you really need him?

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