Sunday, 7 July 2013

Oxenhope Straw Race 2013

I spent an enjoyable afternoon at the Oxenhope Straw Race today.  Contestants have to carry a bale of straw from pub to pub around the village of Oxenhope, stopping off at each holstelry to down a pint of ale.  Most of the participants are in fancy dress, so there is a carnival atmosphere, and the event raises money for charity.  I was impressed with this band who managed to push their stage around with them, with all their gear inside (generator, amps, full drum kit, the lot), and up some seriously steep hills!

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  1. Cheers Martin - yep...the moveable stage weighed about 1/2 a ton (and by the end of the race seemed to weigh a lot more. Hope we brought some 'light' entertainment to the event
    Martin Dew
    One Last Nail