Sunday, 21 April 2013

Flying Scotsman Endurance Rally 2013

This event sounded incredible, a three day endurance rally starting in Hertfordshire and finishing in Scotland at the Gleneagles Hotel, traveling in pre-war cars along some of the remotest country lanes with timed sections thrown in for good measure. The participants were stopping for lunch on day two at Skipton, twenty miles west of Bradford, I couldn't resist going along. 
Over 100 vehicles were taking part in the rally with driver and navigator in period dress and some absolutely fabulous cars, like the one in the picture, a 1912 Chalmers 10 with a 7.5 litre engine.  These cars must be quite difficult to drive, very heavy steering, drum brakes, skinny tyres, driver and passenger open to the elements, nice on a sunny day, but not so nice in wind and rain. A fantastic event for participants and spectators alike.

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