Saturday, 2 June 2012

Wet Weekend

It's quite a popular pastime to walk through the centre jets of the new mirror pool in Bradford.  I believe the flow of water is reduced a little when there are people about.  I haven't been through myself, but I can tell you that I got quite wet enough just taking the picture!


  1. Brilliant! I feel quite damp just looking at it!

  2. I really like this photo - and juxtaposed with yesterday's similar but dissimilar image makes it even more striking.

  3. Jenny - Thanks for the comment. There were several other photographers at the mirror pool when I took this picture, one from your home town of Saltaire, another on the pavilion roof and another working his way around the pool taking pictures at 1 metre intervals with the intention of stitching them together to make a panoramic picture with the fountain at the centre (can't quite get my head around that one). There must be thousands and thousands of really good pictures of the pool, it's a gift for photographers.