Monday, 12 March 2012

Pavillion Sculpture

This unusual stainless steel sculpture stands on top of the pavilion which overlooks the new mirror pool in the town centre. I can't tell you who the artist is, or even the name of the work as there is no plaque, the grass is a clever idea though, it makes the pavilion roof into a small garden.


  1. That must be new - or was I so busy taking photos last week that I didn't even notice it?

  2. Hi Martin, James here, from Sturgeon North Architects. We designed the buildings of City Park, including the pavilion... and the roof sculptures! We thought we'd shed some light on their design.

    We intended for them to be 'mechanical trees' - the perforations are derived from pixellated images of the Sessile Oak trees which sit alongside, and which will eventually grow to encompass the sculptures. However, their primary function is in fact to vent the public toilets within the building! Most public toilets would have an exhaust vent on the roof or in some other non-public area, but the Pavilion can be accessed from every side including the roof, so a solution was needed to carry any 'bad smells' to a high level, away from the public - hence the stainless steel sculptures (we're very pleased that you view them as such).

    We really like your blog, it's great to see such positivity invested into Bradford. Keep up the good work! From all here at Sturgeon North.