Tuesday, 10 May 2011

West Window - Bradford Cathedral

     Bradford Cathedral doesn't seem to get many visitors, it's not a huge Cathedral, and it's not particularly old, I think the oldest part is C15th, but it is still an interesting building nonetheless.  This is the West window which depicts women from the Bible (comments welcome on the zoom effect).


  1. Looks like a marvelous, stained glass window! I'm a big fan of cathedral!

  2. I like this, oddly been thinking about how best to achieve similar effect. Was this camera and zoom or photoshop type effect?

  3. Paul - Camera and zoom, used 3 stop ND filter and 8 sec exposure at F22. Counted out 4 seconds before slowly zooming in for rest of exposure.

  4. I actually quite like the zoom effect - it's different. Makes it look kind of dynamic and spiritual, quite suitable for the subject.

  5. David Wilkinson8 July 2011 at 15:30

    Hi Martin,

    I work for the Diocese of Bradford. We produce a Directory every year (containing details of churches, clergy, etc) and I was wondering if you would be happy for us to use this fabulous photo as part of our front cover (with a credit on the inside front cover)?

    If you could get back in touch with me at david.wilkinson@kadugli.org.uk, that would be very much appreciated.



  6. Hi Martin, I was wondering if you would be happy for me to use this photo in a Design for this years City Carol Service at Bradford Cathedral .. could you please email me at your nearest convenience ? — ben.holden@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance